Earn without investing. Invite to Coindeks and Earn More Together bounty

3 simple steps to participate in the bounty program

  • 01

    Invite a participant with a deposit of $1000 to get 50 USDT reward

    If your referral invests from $1000 (or any cryptocurrency worth more than $1000 at the time of investment) you will receive 50 USDT available for withdrawal. For deposits of less than $1000, the upline does not receive anything.

  • 02

    Invite participants with a total amount of deposits of $5000 to get 500 USDT reward

    As soon as all the referrals invest $5000, you will get 500 USDT. (as soon as the entire invited team exceeds $5,000). For every $5000 attracted by the referrals, you will get 500 USDT.

  • 03

    Buy CRYTOKEN and stake CRYTOKEN to get 10% of the staking amount in USDT available for withdrawal.

    If a person buys a CRYTOKEN and sends it to staking, he receives 10% in USDT to his account, which is immediately available for withdrawal. This opportunity is available only to the first 300 people.

Places Left:

57 / 300

This bounty item is available to the first 300 investors who have written to the provided mail