Coindeks referral and bounty programs



Our referral and bounty programs are aimed at promoting Coindeks around the world. Any crypto startup needs liquidity and a large number of users.

It is very important that the project ecosystem continues to grow, so that as many people as possible use the services of our program.

Users of Coindeks can most objectively recommend the advantages of this platform. They know how the platform works and can share their experience about what profit they get with Coindeks, how this profit is paid.

The more people participate on the platform, the more actively they recommend it to their friends and acquaintances and tell about it on the Internet, the more successful the platform is and the higher is the price of the CRYTOKEN.

3 simple steps to participate in the bounty program

  1. Invite a participant with a deposit of $1000 to receive a reward of 50 USDT.
  2. Invite participants with a total deposit amount of $5000 to receive a reward of 500 USDT.
  3. Buy CRYTOKEN and stake CRYTOKEN to get 10% of the amount of staking in USDT available for withdrawal.
  4. All elements of Coindeks are associated with CRYTOKEN, which is a key element of the ecosystem.

Description of bounty program

If your referral invests from $1000 (or any cryptocurrency worth more than $ 000 at the time of investment), you will receive 50 USDT available for withdrawal. With deposits of less than $1000, upline does not receive anything.

As soon as all referrals invest $5000, you will receive 500 USDT. (as soon as the entire invited team exceeds $ 5000). For every $5000 attracted by referrals, you will receive 500 USDT.

If a person buys CRYTOKEN and sends it to staking, he receives 10% in USDT to his account, which is immediately available for withdrawal. This feature is only available for the first 300 people.

Hurry up to get a 10% bonus immediately available for withdrawal.

Anyone who wants to promote the Coindeks platform can take part in the referral and bounty programs.

To participate, you must register on the website and login to account. Inside the account, you can find your unique referral link for promoting Coindeks, as well as all advertising materials.

As soon as the person you invited makes a deposit, you will receive a referral reward for attracting him. The received referral bonus is immediately available for withdrawal. Promote Coindeks and earn additional income.

Together we will achieve a lot.


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